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This is a vegan muffin of Options. They are tasty, sweet (but not too sweet), and flavorful from the blend of lemon, blueberry, and vanilla. These are true blueberry muffins, I don’t want to deter anyone away with the fact they contain lemon and lemon zest. The lemony aspects bring such a refreshing taste, yet are almost imperceptible, trust me on adding them in. There are quite a few avenues you can take whilst making these to decide if you want a slightly healthier vegan muffin, or if you want a more traditional vegan muffin. I’ve written out the more traditional ingredients, but I will give you options that work well and taste great too if you decide to take a healthier route. I’ve tested this recipe out with every option that I’ve given, so whatever route you chose, just know they will be delicious!