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Overcoming Emotional Eating

Episode 1 - Overcoming Emotional Eating - Sara Levite


Emotional eating is something that many of us struggle with, or have struggled with at some point in our lives. Often times we may not even identify with the label of emotional eating, but can get into patterns of doing it in times of stress, anger, boredom, loneliness, anxiety, or depression. Being able to locate ourselves is the first step to managing our emotions.


In this episode we discuss:


  • What emotional eating is

  • The signs of emotional eating

  • Ways to identify why you may be eating emotionally

  • Common emotions tied to eating emotionally

  • Practical tips for managing anxiety

  • The importance of practicing self care in relation to emotional eating

  • Alternatives to emotional eating

  • Our personal struggles with emotional eating in the past


Sara Levite is a licensed psychotherapist and wellness coach in private practice for over 30 years helping individuals, couples and groups experience more meaningful, satisfying lives. She utilizes her extensive professional experience and integrates her passions for health and emotional well-being when working with her clients. Whether they come to her with issues of health challenges, depression, anxiety, relationship challenges, addictions or stress management, she strives to help them feel heard without judgment, supported without minimizing and guided with real-life tools to use when they are not in her office. In addition to her private practice work, she has been interviewed on many podcasts and offers virtual and live workshops internationally.


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