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How She Beat Cancer with Diet

Episode 2 - How She Beat Cancer with Diet - Caryn Dugan


Sometimes tragedy can change the trajectory of life. That is exactly what occurred in Caryn’s inspiring story. I’m blown away at all she is doing to bring the message of health via a whole food plant based diet to so many people.


In this episode we discuss:


  • How the trajectory of life can be completely altered by unexpected tragedy and how, if we allow it to, it can lead to one’s life’s work and purpose

  • Easy, doable, yet profound ways to make healthy changes in your life even if you are super busy

  • The benefit of using very little ingredients and quick recipes to help you succeed on your journey towards health

  • How taking charge of your health helps you realize the amount of control you actually have in ALL areas of your life

  • A truly effective way for beginners to start transitioning to eating more plant foods

  • How she founded the Center for Plant Based Living, our nations first plant-based nutrition and culinary education center and the amazing life changing work they are doing


Caryn adopted a plant-based diet in response to tragedy; in 2008, cancer took her father at an early age and 10 weeks later, tried to take her. In response to her diagnosis, she searched for an answer and found one in the growing body of literature supporting a whole food, plant-based diet to bolster our natural immune system. Adopting a plant-based diet herself and beating cancer, she sought to share her knowledge to help others. 


She Her most notable accomplishment is the opening of our nation’s first plant- based nutrition and culinary education center, the Center for Plant-based Living in the historic Kirkwood downtown neighborhood of suburban St. Louis. The center offers plant-based cooking classes, programs, speaker’s series, philanthropic efforts, etc. The Covid-19 pandemic has encouraged her business to shift, and she now also has a strong virtual presence where she can share the Center on a global level. They now also offer a membership for just $1/day where members have access to a full library of past classes and recipes, access to on- going virtual classes and monthly support calls. 


Find out more about Caryn Dugan:


Website: and

Instagram:  @Plant_Based_Center and @stl_veg_girl

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