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It is totally possible to lose weight without exercise! Maybe you are physically unable to exercise at this time, or maybe you just plain don't enjoy it currently. While moving the body is an important component to overall health, when it comes to weight loss, the good news is that diet is way more important. You cannot outrun a bad diet, and in this video I share my tried and true ways that work without ever having to lace up your running shoes.

The tips I share in this video are what helped me lose the weight after having my last baby, WITHOUT exercise. I have seen them work personally and with weight loss clients. There are no gimmicks, no quick fixes, it is not magic. It takes dedication and when you are ready...the principles I touch here on work. In this video I talk about eating according to calorie density, eating mindfully, the importance of journaling your progress, how sleep is tied to weight loss, doing an effective kitchen makeover, intermittent fasting, and adding in really easy exercise at a later date.

I truly understand the struggle, and I hope the tips in this video will help you as much as they help me :)

Watch the video here:

🌱 For delicious, weight loss friendly recipes check out my cookbooks. Browse the free recipes on my site, there are so many ideas suitable for weight loss and overall health that still taste great. If you need help with weight loss, transitioning to a Whole Food Plant Based Diet, your specific health concerns, detox, immunity, and so much more, reach out any time and work with me. It is my sincere desire to help you reclaim your freedom and get well!


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