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Weight loss really starts in the mind and the way that you think about your relationship with food. In my opinion a low fat, vegan, whole foods, plant based diet is the absolute best path to weight loss as well as the best way to fend off a myriad of disease. Here are my top 7 weigh loss secrets to implement if you are wanting to shed some extra weight:


What are your goals? Is it to lose weight, feel more self confident, be able to run a mile? Writing down your weigh loss goals, and then putting them somewhere you can see them daily will help you keep them in the forefront of your memory and more apt to stick to seeing them through. Then, take massive action until you get them. Massive action means taking action UNTIL you get the results you want. Try, fail, try again, but keep taking action until you get the intended results. Conversely, passive action doesn’t yield the results you want. It’s learning and consuming information about the thing, but not actually DOING the thing. Learning about nutrition is great, but its not actually eating nutritious food. Planning when you will exercise is wonderful, but its not actually exercising. Make a deal with yourself to commit to a he