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VMW Group Coaching

Six weeks of high-level group and individualized coaching designed to help you achieve your health and weight-loss goals.


Program begins February 20th, 2023.


Locating where your struggles lie, and creating consistent positive habit changes that allow you to succeed for life.



Actively making decisions in the moment that line up with your long term weight loss goals, and putting a permanent stop to self sabotaging behaviors.


Learning what types of foods provide you with the most nutrient density while shedding excess weight, and choices that are sustainable for long term well being.



Accountability and personalized help to put it into action. This is the biggest component of our work together and the one I receive the most positive feedback on.

The VMW Group Coaching Program was created based on years of private coaching experience and client results. 


This signature program simplifies the science and meets you exactly where you are in your health journey to ensure success.

"My signature method will teach you to burn fat, conquer cravings, and change your relationship with food.”


What's Included:

  • Access to the FULL Vegan Michele Wellness Method Online Course

  • 6 weeks of high-level group coaching

  • Weekly group coaching video calls with Michele

  • 45 minute 1:1 coaching call with Michele

  • Unlimited support in between sessions via email or text during the 6 weeks

  • 150 + easy recipes and meal maps

Payment Plan


4 monthly payments

Pay In Full


one time payment


     I have always struggled with my weight, bingeing, hating myself, cancelling going to events as I felt ashamed. I have done every diet there is and although they worked for a while, the weight just piled back on when I stopped. I knew I needed to change my life. My new way of eating is so refreshing, no calorie counting, no food group restrictions. 4 months in, and I have already reached my goal weight of losing 56 lbs.!! 


Michelle D. Business Owner | United Kingdom


           I learned a tremendous amount through working with Michele. I did have a steady weight loss and have managed to maintain it even through all the changes our world is going through right now with the COVID-19 virus and how it has impacted our lives. I’ve never felt healthier!  That’s not to say I haven’t had some set backs, and some gains, but the good thing is, I just get right back on track and it’s so easy to do.  I literally crave the Vegan lifestyle. My meals and snacks are tastier than ever, I’ve learned new ways of cooking and am experimenting with different fruits, vegetables, lentils, grains, spices and so on. Thank you again for the positive impact you have had on my life!


Carol Ann R. | Occupational Health Nurse | Canada


             I’ve noticed a better relationship with food. Much better than I’ve had in the past. Rather than focusing too much on calories, I’ve learned to focus on adding lots of colorful veggies and thinking about the good nutrients they provide. I’ve also taken steps to plan ahead to keep me from ending up hungry in situations that will lead me to make less optimal decisions as far as weight loss goes. I find myself craving a lot healthier meals (sprializing cucumbers have been a game changer) which is quite refreshing. I have lost weight, and have noticed more changes in my measurements. I’ve also gone down 15 points in my blood pressure! I am surpassing my own expectations! I can definitely see a lot of inner growth that I continue working on. Thank you Michele, really.

Melissa L. | Undergraduate Student Researcher | California, USA


         I really enjoyed working with Michele! Her program gives you the tools to make life long changes. It helps you with sustainable weight loss that is going to last. I really enjoyed the mental aspect of her program because most of the work we need to do is internal if we want to make lasting changes. I would recommend for anyone to work with Michele if they are serious about their health and want to improve their lifestyle.

Thank you for everything.


Marie T. | Stay at Home Mom | California, USA


How long of a commitment is the program?

The VMW Group Coaching Program is a 6 week group coaching program. Can’t make a call? All of the calls will be recorded and will be available for you to watch and download.

I’m really busy and don’t like to cook. Does your method require lots of time in the kitchen?

Nope! You can easily follow the VMW principles without spending hours in the kitchen. My recipes are super simple and the framework is easy enough to implement when dining out or traveling. It’s meant to be carried out in any situation.

How is your program different?

I pride myself on The VMW Method NOT being a diet. It's a framework for helping you structure your day with basic principles and practices.

The VMW Method is a lifestyle and I want to teach you rather than have you follow a protocol without knowing how to stick with it long term as life inevitably shifts and changes. You'll be able to FLOW with life. Diets don't teach you that.

What’s included in the meal plan you mentioned?

The customized meal plan is made specifically for you and your goals.

You'll receive a sample week meal plan with breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack ideas as well as how to structure your meals throughout the day.


**Once clients receive access to the VMWM Online course, I will no longer offer a refund.


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