Be Vegan

​Skip the diet, just eat healthy

I am proud to present my favorite vegan recipes to date in this taste filled eBook! These are recipes that I have enjoyed and created over the years on my vegan journey encompassing a variety of vibrant, good for you food!

This eBook includes over 60 recipes as well as 15 pages of health tips and encouragement on why and how to incorporate more plant based foods into your diet. These will help you thrive health wise, make a positive impact on the environment, and lessen animal cruelty one meal at a time.

Each recipe has been tried, refined, and truly enjoyed by my family and friends. It was so important to me that the recipes not only look beautiful, but taste amazing while providing nourishment and satisfaction bringing the joy back to your plate.

Additional Info:

Once you purchase, you'll be given a link to download the book directly to your device. This is an eBook and not a physical copy. This is a high quality PDF that can be opened on any device. Please make sure that you have at least 200mb of free space on your device. Once you click the download link, make sure to keep the window open until it downloads completely.

OR hard copy available here 

BE VEGAN - Skip the Diet, Just Eat Healthy





A wide variety of antioxidant rich fresh smoothies & juices to get in loads of vitamins and minerals every single day within a matter of minutes!

"One to change a few.

A few to change many.

Many to change the world.

it starts with one."


"...we tried your guacamole recipe from your ebook, so tasty and easy! You have a real talent with food and make the recipe enjoyable...we are not vegan but vegetables are our go to for eating!"  --  Kesounette



"I started flagging recipes I wanted to make and ended up marking every page. It’s that awesome of a cookbook."  --  Sydney

"I am absolutely loving these recipes. What surprises me even more is how much my husband and daughters are enjoying them as well. Great way to get the little bunnies even healthier. Thank you."  --  Stephanie

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