Holistic Nutrition Coaching

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As a Whole Food Plant Based Certified Holistic Nutritionist I implement nutrition, biochemistry, and lifestyle modifications to support optimal health. Nutrition affects our lives both physically and psychologically. 

This is a single 50-minute session where we review your personal history, Health Intake Form, and analyze your areas of struggle. With kindness, curiosity, and love we can get to the bottom of behaviors that have been causing self sabotage for years and change the trajectory of your health and weight loss struggles.


I teach you how to succeed and hold you to a higher standard. It is my goal is to understand what will work for you. I focus on creating a healthy relationship with food and supporting you emotionally while being doable, achievable, and tailored to your lifestyle — not the other way around. The guesswork is gone and you’re free to live your life.


You can expect to receive an easily integrated holistic plan for weight loss and overall health supporting you emotionally, mentally, nutritionally, physically, and socially. During the consultation we will clarify your goals, and create an action plan for you to implement achieving them.

$150.00 Single Session Consultation

$250 VALUE

Additional Info:

Once you purchase the session, I will email you a Health Intake Form to fill out. You can also let me know what questions you have at this time to best utilize your session. I will then send you a booking link.


* Refunds only on UNUSED SESSIONS and subject to a 30% refund fee.

DISCLAIMER: I am not doctor. I am a Certified Holistic Nutritionist through AFPA, and have a certification in Plant Based Nutrition from e-Cornell University. I have been a vegan for many years. The information we will discuss in your session is for educational and motivational purposes only. Working with me as a Holistic Nutritionist is a great way to stay accountable to your goals and guide you through your unique needs.