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Client #1

59 years old Female 137 lbs., 5' 2" (nurse)


When this client came to me she desperately wanted to gain control over her eating, achieve her weight loss goals and do it in a healthy vegan manner. She had tried countless diets over the years. She had been vegetarian / pescatarian, and dabbled in veganism but was now ready to commit. She understood that she needed assistance and personal counseling to really see her goals to come to fruition. She wanted to lose 30 pounds, gain muscle, and look good for her age. It was important for her to feel healthy and in control again as well as be mentally/emotionally strong in regard to food, not always feeling like a failure. She wanted to do this with a vegan diet and honor her true self.  Through the online course material and one to one coaching offered weekly throughout the month long course, she was able lose 10 pounds easily! I custom tailored a plan for her to incorporate planning ahead for her busy life, ways to successfully confront trigger foods and times of day she wanted to overeat, as well as a realistic exercise plan to implement weekly. After the month long program was up, she was confident in our plan of action to continue to reach her goal of losing 30 pounds total over the next few months.


Client #2 

63 years old, Female  140 lbs., 5' 4" (retired)


When Client 2 came to me she was feeling out of control and out of balance in many areas of her life. Recently having moved to a new location and not feeling very happy about it. She knew if she could just get a plan and execute it in her life she would be able to  regain control in her life, but she was struggling to do it on her own. She wanted to reclaim her joy, lose 10 lbs., reduce her alcohol consumption, which she felt had gotten out of control and become a way of avoiding her true feelings. She wanted her eyes to be clear again, and have vitality and energy to get thorough her days with joy. Coming into this program she had never eaten a fully whole food plant based vegan diet, so we started with a full education on how to eat for health in general as well as weight loss. We thoroughly went thorough recipes together, foods she could easily build quick meals from and where to purchase ingredients. We spoke about supplementation and ways incorporate more plant foods for her resistant husband who was also struggling with some health problems that could be corrected through diet. She really had a breakthrough while watching the module on “Eating and the Mind” in the online course and was able to locate why she was having so many problems with addictive drinking patterns. By the end of our month long time together she had lost 7 lbs, was in a routine of exercising and eating whole foods each day. She had drastically reduced her alcohol consumption, and was feeling clear headed and optimistic about her new life trajectory. She wanted to continue having my support and weekly coaching sessions, so we continue to have coaching consultations to this day. She is doing great reaching her weight loss goals, and truly in control with joy! 

Client #3 

36 year old Female 180 lbs., 5'5" (stay at home mom)

Client 3 really wanted to lose weight and change her eating habits so that her weight loss would be sustainable and long term. Feeling as if she had been dieting on and off since her teenage years, she had always gained weight very easily and struggled to keep weight off. Coming from a history of restriction and crash dieting to loose weight, she would often vacillate between deprivation and binge eating. 

She also wanted to set a better example for her son so that he wouldn’t follow in her dysfunctional relationship with food. She was having pain from arthritis in her knees and knew if she could reduce her weight and adopt an anti-inflammatory diet, the pain would lessen and improve. When we began working together, I focused on the mental aspects true hunger and eating in connection to our thoughts. Often times we do not think there is a connection with how we think about food and our ability to lose weight and feel optimally healthy, but the connection is huge. We also focused on finding the right balance for her body and nutritional needs so that she would feel satisfied with her food choices and not eat in a way that would lead her to fall back into old patterns of overeating and sabotaging her work. By the end of the month long course she had easily shed 10 pounds, and was very optimistic about eating clean to continue to get to her goal of a 50 pound weight loss. She now has tools in place to be able to do this as well as strategies to combat the urges that she had always struggled with regarding food. She was in control, not the food. 



At the start of the course I had trouble viewing the videos but you were great at helping me figure it out. I really got a lot from those videos but I think the most helpful part of this course was you! You were so easy to chat with and made things very simple to follow. (Really I think if this didn’t work for someone it would only be because they didn’t listen, follow and do it). Your recipe books were/are amazing and your YouTube channel is so great. You definitely helped me get the kickstart on weight loss and this new way of eating. I’m %100 glad I signed up for your course and I’m so thankful for you and your program. I would and will recommend it to anyone! Thank you for doing this course. You have helped Mike and myself change our lives for the better :) - Chantel


Carol Ann 

I would recommend the Vegan Weight Loss Course to everyone!  I learned a tremendous amount through the videos, course materials, cookbooks and of course the personal one-on-one sessions that were held weekly throughout the month long course.  I love the fact that you have all the materials to refer back to.  I did have a steady weight loss and have managed to maintain it even through all the changes our world is going through right now with the COVID-19 virus and how it has impacted our lives.  I also love how I can tune in and see Michele and her family as they deal with the challenges and give us content to keep us motivated.  I’ve never felt healthier!  That’s not to say I haven’t had some set backs, and some gains, but the good thing is, I just get right back on track and it’s so easy to do.  I literally crave the Vegan lifestyle.  People will ask don’t you miss that or this or whatever, and my answer is an honest no I don’t!  My meals and snacks are tastier than ever, I’ve learned new ways of cooking and am experimenting with different fruits, vegetables, lentils, grains, spices and so on.  And those who are around me have loved all the new cooking as well.  It’s a wonderful adventure, and I have Michele and her Vegan course, materials and You Tube videos to thank for it!  If you’re wondering if you should sign-up, please go ahead, you won’t be disappointed! 

Thank you again for the positive impact you have had on my life!Carol Ann.


I really enjoyed working with Michele! Her program gives you the tools to make life long changes. It helps you with sustainable weight loss that is going to last. I really enjoyed the mental aspect of her program because most of the work we need to do is internal if we want to make lasting changes. I would recommend for anyone to work with Michele if they are serious about their health and want to improve their life style.

Thank you for everything, - Marie




I recently took Michele Swaczyna Online Class; Vegan Weight Loss Course and loved it.  I am in my later 50’s so I wasn’t sure if an online course would work for me due to my computer skills but it was great. I found it  easy to navigate and I really liked the ability to go back and listen to my favorite teachings as many times as I wanted.  Michele helps you learn to be accountable to your specific needs and she gives you wonderful and helpful advice that will help you reach your goals. I took this course to help find control over my eating and drinking habits and I’m thrilled to say my behavior to my habits have taken a major turn for the good. I am able to recognize the issue which helps me to know how to address the problem.

I wasn’t trying to lose weight but I lost 7 pounds in the 4 weeks and I feel so much better physically and emotionally. I would highly recommend this course to everyone; it has changed my life. The bonus is all of her wonderful and delicious recipes. It’s not a diet, it’s a new way to a healthier happier life style. 

I also liked the ability to watch her videos anytime of the day or night according to my schedule.  If I wanted to listen to it

again or repeat something I could. The  greatest  part of her online class  is I have all her materials forever,  so I can go back and review anytime I want. Great to have for personal encouragement when you’re having a rough day.

Thanks for all your help Michele - Cheri

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