Welcome to the Video portion of my Vegan Weight Loss Course!

By this time you should have received your receipt email with the link to download all 5 PDF's that go along with the full course. If you have not downloaded them yet, please do that before you proceed. If you are having trouble please contact me immediately at veganmichele@gmail.com

Once you are ready to begin:

Go in sequential order, and use the corresponding Vegan Weight Loss Course PDF as you go, stopping as you see fit to do the exercises and answer questions.

Module 1 - Weight Loss and the Mind:

  • Overview

  • Eating and the Mind

  • Your Intuitive Eating Scale

  • Different Types Of Eating

  • Food Journaling

  • Bingeing

  • Managing Urges

  • Exercise

  • Excuses

  • Belief

  • #1 Priority

  • Future Focus

  • Goals

  • Massive Action 

Module 2 - Weight Loss and Food:

  • Whole Food Plant Based Vegan Basics

  • Creating a Plan

  • Essential Kitchen Tools

  • Troubleshooting

  • Final Thoughts


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Module 1 -  Weight Loss and the Mind - Playlist

Eating and The Mind.001.jpeg
Your Intuitive Eating Scale.001.jpeg
Different Types of Eating.001.jpeg
Food Journaling.001.jpeg
Managing Urges.001.jpeg
#1 Priority.001.jpeg
Future Focus.001.jpeg
Massive Action.001.jpeg

Module 2 - Weight Loss and Food - Playlist

WFPBV Basics.001.jpeg
Creating Your Plan.001.jpeg
Essential Kitchen Tools.001.jpeg
Final Thoughts.001.jpeg

Thank you so much and if you have any further questions, please email me at veganmichele@gmail.com