Reclaim Your Freedom
One Meal at a Time!

As a Certified Holistic Nutritionist I help people reclaim their freedom one bite at a time by emphasizing the connection between nutrition and overall wellbeing.


Together we will get to the heart of what has been holding you back from achieving your weight loss goals (both mentally and nutritionally) to deliver results with a custom designed program that helps you achieve your health and weight loss goals.


Ready for a powerful change?


My 4 Core Elements To Help You Succeed

Signature Weight Loss Mentorship

Our bodies function at their optimum level when we properly fuel them with whole plant foods. Food is medicine and we have the power to heal our bodies through nutrition. With kindness, curiosity, and love we can get to the bottom of behaviors that have been causing self sabotage for years and change the trajectory of your weight loss struggles.


When we work together, we communicate, I listen; I teach you how to succeed and hold you to a higher standard. It is my goal is to understand what will work for you, and I focus on creating a healthy relationship with food and supporting you emotionally. I make following this program doable, achievable, and tailored to your lifestyle — not the other way around. The guesswork is gone and you’re free to live your life. 

This is my 360 comprehensive signature program to help educate, organize, and create structure and ultimately, long term freedom for you on your weight loss journey. Together we will create a program tailored specifically to your needs, I will give you the tools to meet your goals: whether it's to lose weight while balancing the demands of a busy career or life; get over the emotion strongholds that have allowed your weight to continue to creep up despite your best efforts; give you the tools to take smarter more consistent action when it comes to weight loss; or prepare wholesome, nutritious meals you and your whole family will enjoy. This is a 6 month program.



   + An easily integrated holistic plan for weight loss supporting you emotionally, mentally, nutritionally, physically, and socially

   + Realistic nutritional meal plans in a format that allows for flexible structure

   + Clean and simple recipes with wholesome ingredients

   + A fitness regimen that is easy to follow and fit into your daily routine

   + A game plan to take you through the mental aspect of weight loss and break through the excuses that have been holding you back

   + 45-minute weekly sessions with unlimited support in between via email 

   + New topics to implement and apply in every single session, so you never stop growing through this process.


Without a roadmap or guidance, the process can be overwhelming. Together we can fast track your clarity, mind set growth, and plan of action to stop years of self sabotage and expensive trial and error hopping from one diet to another. This Weight Loss Mentorship is intensive and will challenge you to form new life long habits. There are no quick fixes. Most people grossly underestimate what they are capable of doing right now.


My job as your coach is to challenge you to fulfill your potential and recognize how much power you already have to succeed with dietary and lifestyle changes that support a healthy relationship with food, your body, and your mind.



I have always struggled with my weight, bingeing, hating myself, cancelling going to events as I felt ashamed. I have done every diet there is and although they worked for a while, the weight just piled back on when I stopped. I knew I needed to change my life. My new way of eating is so refreshing, no calorie counting, no food group restrictions. 4 months in, and I have already reached my goal weight of losing 56 lbs.!! 


Michelle D. Business Owner | United Kingdom